2019 stewardship drive

We, the elders of Sand Harbor Presbyterian, believe that we need to take a more proactive approach with our finances and stewardship in order to better care for and shepherd the church in these areas.

Part of our resolution to take a more proactive approach includes asking you to consider more seriously your financial commitment to the church. The Scriptures tell us that one of the responsibilities of every member of the body of Christ is to financially support the work of the church (see especially 2 Corinthians 9:6-11). Moreover, without your generous financial support and commitment to Sand Harbor, this church wouldn’t exist.

Given that, we as a session would like you to prayerfully consider what your 2019 financial commitment to and investment in Sand Harbor might look like. The reason we are asking you to formally consider this is twofold: First, this prayerful financial consideration will help you to be more intentional and thoughtful about taking seriously the Bible’s call to support the ministry of the local church. Second, this will help us as elders charged with the stewardship of the church to gain a clearer picture of our finances so that we can better plan and budget for the year ahead.

So would you please consider filling out the form below before the beginning of the new year.

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